New Photos for Rachel Darbourne

I was very happy to be asked to produce another set of photos for Jewellery Maker Rachel Darbourne. Her newest collection is made from discarded jewellery, re-purposed, and is titled “Pearl Necklace”. I was very happy with the images, and Rachel said “they’re beautiful” – we completely agree.

You can see more on Rachel’s website, here.

Print in Gallery window

I was really happy to see one of my prints in the window of Homeframe Gallery on Union Street in Plymouth, it’s titled “Drama in the Yard”.

 It is a photo of Royal William Yard looking across from the steps at Devil’s point. If you are passing why not have a look. I’m hoping to get some more prints done soon.

10 years since our first photo

It’s 10 years to the day since i took this photograph. This was from my very first commissioned jewellery shoot. The jewellery was made by Rachel Darbourne and it was after this that i set up my business Optimo Images. In 10 years we have photographed hundreds of pieces of jewellery and other art and design. Do photos have Birthdays? Well if so, Happy Birthday. 

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